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Beware of Pandering in the Income Patch

Products catering to yield-hungry investors are calling. Don't pick up.

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The stock market touched a new high this week, but the 2007-09 market crash is still fresh in many investors' memories. And many of those same investors seem to have concluded that a bird in the hand--in the form of regular income distributions--is better than two in the bush. Retirees and pre-retirees who have crunched the numbers and are concerned about running out of money have also latched onto income-producing vehicles, no doubt viewing current income production as a way to guard against prematurely depleting their nest eggs.

Fund flows tell the tale: More than $300 billion in new assets have flowed into bond funds during the past year, with income-rich categories such as multisector, high-yield, and emerging-markets bond funds seeing some of the biggest inflows. Categories such as bank-loan, nontraditional, and high-yield municipal bonds, which up until now where niche areas for investors, have also garnered strong new asset flows.

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