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Sauter: Cost Certainty Key With New Benchmarks

Vanguard's CIO says the fund shop is looking forward to the substantial long-term cost savings and price stability once it transitions to the FTSE and CRSP indexes, beginning next year.

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Paul Justice: Hi there. I'm Paul Justice with Morningstar. A few weeks ago, Vanguard announced that it will be changing the benchmarks for 22 of its index funds. This is a major change that's going to impact a lot of assets. They are swapping out of MSCI, moving toward FTSE and CRSP for some of its international and domestic funds.

We had the opportunity to speak with Joel Dickson, an ETF Strategist over at Vanguard, a few weeks ago at our ETF Invest Conference, but to gain some more insight, today we're joined by Gus Sauter, the chief investment officer at Vanguard. Gus, thank you for joining me.

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