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How Do T. Rowe Price Funds Stack Up?

Most of the firm's rated funds have garnered positive Morningstar Analyst Ratings.

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Recently my colleague Christopher Davis took a look at how Fidelity's funds have fared under the new Morningstar Analyst Rating system. Below we'll review T. Rowe Price's pockets of strength and (relative) weakness.

The good news for T. Rowe fund investors is that most funds have received favorable ratings. Morningstar analysts have rated 53 of its 111 funds as of mid-September, representing nearly 88% of the firm's mutual fund assets. Of those 53 funds, 22 (41.5%) are rated Gold, 12 (22.6%) Silver, 10 (18.9%) Bronze, and nine (17%) Neutral. No fund has received a Negative rating.

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