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Berkshire Coverage

2012 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

We bring Berkshire to you with our on-the-spot meeting coverage.

If you didn't make the pilgrimage to the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting, has the next best thing--on-the-ground coverage from Omaha.

Check out our live blog and breaking video reports featuring commentary from Morningstar equities strategist and StockInvestor editor Paul Larson, Morningstar Berkshire analysts Greggory Warren and Drew Woodbury, and markets editor Jeremy Glaser.

Plus, catch up with all of our pre-meeting commentary, including our latest thinking on succession, our take on Berkshire's cash position, and more.

Meeting Coverage
Berkshire Annual Meeting Live Blog
Featuring Morningstar's Paul Larson and Drew Woodbury.

Berkshire Meeting Underscores Firm's Strength 
Morningstar's Gregg Warren and Paul Larson share their biggest takeaways from the Berkshire annual meeting. (video)

A Few Dark Clouds Over Omaha
European banks, energy policy, financial risk models, political gridlock, and tepid real economic growth were among the downsides discussed at Saturday's Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. (video)

Dividend, Buyback Queries Dominate Start of Meeting 
Morningstar's Paul Larson and Drew Woodbury give their take on the first-half of the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. (video)

Dorsey: Berkshire Shares Are Cheap 
Buffett's revelation of how he values Berkshire's operating businesses highlights the attractiveness of Berkshire's stock, says Sanibel Captiva's Pat Dorsey. (video) 

Should Berkshire Pay a Dividend?
Buffett authors weigh in on the possibility and wisdom of Berkshire Hathaway returning capital to shareholders. (video) 

Will Splitting Buffett's Role Work? 
A group of Buffett biographers and experts discuss the implications of splitting Berkshire's top role in three. (video)

Buffett Right on U.S. Banks 
Berkshire's bet on financial firms should pay out for him in the end, according to a group of Buffett authors. (video)

Pre-Meeting Coverage
Berkshire Starts Out 2012 on More Solid Footing 
Year-over-year results were strong for Berkshire, but the firm's insurance operations fell short of expectations given market softness. 

Want to Be Like Buffett? These Stocks Can Help
Although these three firms might be too small for Berkshire, they have great competitive advantages, and our analysts think they're cheap, too.

Burning Questions for Buffett
Readers ask about financials, recommended reading, and yes, the so-called Buffett rule.

Buffett Raises Guardrails for Successor
By investing in high-quality, but capital-intensive, businesses, Buffett may be trying to prevent his successor from making a big mistake, says Sanibel Captiva's Pat Dorsey. (video)

Larson: Watch for These Three Hot Berkshire Topics
Expect plenty of discussion about succession, politics, and dividends at the 2012 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting, says Morningstar's Paul Larson. (video)

Why Berkshire's Moat Isn't Going Away Anytime Soon 
Morningstar's Gregg Warren says Berkshire's sterling balance sheet, strong business, and unique structure will sustain the firm's competitive standing--even without Buffett. (video)

How to Learn From When Buffett Sells
Adopting Buffett's very long-term perspective can help individual investors focus on what is important, says Morningstar's Paul Larson. (video)

These Topnotch Funds Are Banking on Buffett
Some fund managers can't resist ample helpings of Berkshire Hathaway for their portfolios.

Berkshire's Best Opportunities May Be Internal After the market runup, Berkshire's best place to deploy cash might be making investments in its capital-intensive businesses like Burlington Northern, says Morningstar's Gregg Warren. (video)

Funds That (Still) Buy Like Buffett
Portfolios with similar stock holdings to Warren Buffett have great long-term records.

Don't Expect a Berkshire Dividend Anytime Soon
A dividend would be a good way to return capital to shareholders, says Morningstar's Drew Woodbury, but Buffett's reluctance means investors shouldn't hold their breath for one. (video)

Berkshire's 4Q Transactions Have Ted Weschler's Fingerprints All Over Them
The company made a number of significant purchases in the quarter while selling off small amounts of long-held legacy positions.

Questions Continue to Linger Over Berkshire Succession Although the top candidate remains veiled in secrecy, signs abound about the preferred successor.

Questions We'd Like to Hear at Berkshire's Annual Meeting 
Buffett's succession plans will likely garner heavy attention once again during the Berkshire annual meeting's question-and-answer session. does not own (actual or beneficial) shares in any of the securities mentioned above. Find out about Morningstar’s editorial policies.