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Top 3 Sector Bets of Our Ultimate Stock-Pickers

Technology continues to gain traction on the more traditional sector commitments of our top managers.

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By Greggory Warren, CFA | Senior Stock Analyst

When looking at the holdings, purchases, and sales of our Ultimate Stock-Pickers each quarter, we pay close attention to the sector allocation decisions being made by our top managers, especially those instances where they happen to be overweight the market. With the performance of most stock portfolios measured against a benchmark, like the S&P 500 Index, fund managers tend to be very cognizant of the weighting of their portfolios relative to the index. Even our top managers, who by and large are bottom-up stock-pickers, will have an idea of where they are overweight (or underweight) the market and by how much. That's not to say that they are actively managing their portfolios to the benchmark (which is something that some fund managers will do), it's just that they are cognizant of where they are relative to the market.

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