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Wide-Moat Stocks No Longer Cheap

High-quality firms still have plenty of advantages, but being very undervalued is no longer one of them.

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One of the bedrocks of Morningstar's approach to stock investing is that long-term competitive advantages really matter. We're always interested in buying great companies that will be able to produce a healthy amount of cash flow and returns on invested capital through thick and thin. We view these wide-moat companies as the core of an individual stock investor's equity portfolio. 

But these great companies aren't great investments at any price. Paying too much for a stock is going to end badly no matter how incredible the earnings potential of the underlying company is. Today, wide-moat stocks aren't wildly expensive, but the great bargains of six months ago are long gone. Investors, therefore, need to exercise much more caution before jumping into equities.

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