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17 Scary Numbers From the Fourth Quarter

Despite exhibiting hints of optimism for 2012, the 2011 fourth quarter produced plenty of disconcerting facts.

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In October, I took a look at 17 scary numbers that jumped out at me as the most frightening of the third quarter. And even though the fourth quarter wasn't quite as terrifyingly volatile as the third, there were still plenty of disconcerting facts floating around the market.

14%: The decline in  Bank of America (BAC) stock during the quarter. The shares are down nearly 60% for the year. Considering financials were up 6.56% during the fourth quarter, it shows just how many challenges the megabank still faces. As much as the firm wants to forget the financial crisis, the crisis keeps rearing its ugly head. Morningstar user SFElSid flagged this as one of his scariest stats in the third quarter, and it remains scary today. 
75%: Amount of  Research in Motion's (RIMM) market cap that vanished in 2011. Just when it seems things can't get worse for the beleaguered handset maker, they do. Delays of new hardware, system outages, poorly received tablets, and a new operating system that keeps getting pushed back all took their toll. The firm is still expanding in emerging markers and has valuable intellectual property, but time is growing short.

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