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Research Highlights: Negative Calls, New Reports

No one likes to be around someone with a negative attitude, but when it comes to investing, it can pay to listen to the naysayer. As Morningstar's analysts were updating their reports this week, they sniffed out some real stinkers. Check out the lists of negative Stock and Fund Analyst Reports below, which include widely held stocks and funds such as Lucent (LU) and Dreyfus Growth Opportunity (DREQX).

This week, we also added two stocks to our full coverage list:  Chico's FAS CHS and  (FLWS). Analyst Mike Porter is bullish on Chico's because of its past performance and growth prospects. Even though the stock is up more than 150% this year, Porter thinks Chico's still has room to run. also looks promising to analyst David Kathman. The floral e-tailer is profitable and has a sustainable business model, according to Kathman. The stock is trading near its fair value of $13 per share.