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Research Highlights: Our Recommendations This Week

Our analysts regularly talk to some of the best investors in the world, and this week we have a bounty of new Analyst Reports on funds run by great managers. This week they published new reports on funds run by Marty Whitman, Bob Rodriguez, Bill Nygren, and Chuck Royce--four of the best stock-pickers in the business and among the most colorful. Whether you invest in stocks or funds, you’ll find these writeups fascinating (see below). Whitman’s buying distressed bonds, Nygren’s loading up on large caps, Rodriguez is sticking with his top picks, and Royce is selling his firm.

In total on this week, we published 300 new Analyst Reports. That’s a record. Our stock analysts have been updating all their top companies recently--more than 200 this week alone--to keep our stock coverage as up-to-date as possible. Our fund analysts published reports on almost 100 funds, as well as a new Fund Analyst Picks piece for the large-blend category (we kicked out one fund from among our picks to make room for one of our all-time favorites). Also published this week: a Special Report on hot small-cap funds like those run by Wasatch and Royce, and Our Favorite Retail Stocks.