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Special Report

Best of, First Quarter 2001

While Wall Street’s bears were roaring through most of the first quarter, Morningstar’s stock and fund analysts were hunting for smart long-term investments. Meanwhile, our team in University--including "Professor" Peter Di Teresa and University editor Susan Dziubinski--were helping investors make the most of their portfolios during a volatile market. Below we highlight some of’s best content over the past three months.

  • Our analysts revealed which stocks and funds they’re buying in a series of Technology Bytes and Fund Spy columns:                
  • Each week, our stock analysts publish a new list of favorite stocks. Some popular themes during the quarter included technology (our most-read article in the first quarter), value, and high-profitability stocks. Check out our list of recent picks.    

  •’s Premium subscribers may view similar picks from our fund analysts. 

  • Several successful mutual-fund managers told us about some of their favorite stocks in our Fund Manager Picks feature.        
    • Bernard Picchi of Federated Capital Appreciation Fund FEDEX is a fan of Pfizer (PFE).                 
    • Home Depot (HD) looks good to managers at Alleghany/Chicago Trust Growth & Income Fund CHTIX.                 
    • Jeff Parker of PIMCO Target (PTAAX) has set sail on Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL)