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Standout Short-Term Bond Funds in a Low-Yielding World

For yield-starved investors, these offerings are worthy considerations.

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With interest rates at historic lows, investors who are seeking to pocket higher yields with minimal risk are facing slim pickings. Although there is a growing frustration with the ultralow yields on cash, it's worth noting that there's no true substitute for a money market fund or a certificate of deposit when it comes to a risk-free place to park your cash. And in this article, Christine Benz notes that it pays to be patient with lower yields--especially with the cash in your emergency fund that you cannot afford to lose.

But longer-term investors who have adequate emergency reserves parked in cash might consider stepping out on the risk spectrum by venturing into a high-quality short-term bond fund. Granted, the yields aren't appreciably better right now than what you'd get with a money market fund; Vanguard's Short-Term Bond Index--one of the better offerings in the group--has an SEC yield of just 0.80%. But if bond yields head up in the future, these funds will be able to swap into higher-yielding securities.

With that in mind, we turned to the  Premium Fund Screener to home in on noteworthy taxable and municipal short-term bonds. We immediately streamlined our results by calling up only the distinct portfolios of noninstitutional funds that required an initial investment of no more than $5,000. We then sought no-load offerings with expense ratios lower than their respective category averages.

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