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Growth Approach and Avoidance

RS Investments' Allison Thacker says the funds have seen software-as-a-service names recently looking more attractive, while they have been trimming traditional consumer-discretionary names.

Growth Approach and Avoidance
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Ryan Leggio: You have done, especially in the small-growth fund, extremely well over the last couple of quarters, despite the fact you have owned some lower-beta names. Just really kind of stock-by-stock names have worked well for you. Can you talk a little bit about with the recent market correction that's happened, we're talking right now in mid-June, how you're thinking about possibly repositioning the portfolio for some opportunities ahead?

Allison Thacker: Well, the fund has done very well during the last six months or so both in up markets and particularly on downside protection, and I think it has to do with building it up on a stock-by-stock basis and requiring good upside to downside.

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