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A Bushel Full of Questions for Investors

Where are we headed? The conference knows.

It's time for the annual Morningstar Investment Conference, where great investors will meet to share their ideas. Last year, I was struck by the split between managers and economists who view the world from the top down and managers who analyze from the bottom up. The big-picture speakers were bearish, but stock-pickers were finding plenty of bargains. Sure enough, the market is up more than 20% since then.

This time, I suspect we'll hear a little less enthusiasm from the stock-pickers. I wouldn't expect to hear as much extreme bearishness as we heard a few years ago nor the bullishness we heard in 2009. But even if we aren't on the brink of a big shift in the markets, it pays to listen closely to what managers are finding as you want to be prepared when those tectonic moves come. Here are a few of the speakers I'm looking forward to. My colleague Gregg Wolper will take a closer look at some of the international panels.

The conference kicks off Wednesday, June 8. You can find the full agenda here.

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