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Introducing's New Fund Analyst Picks Page

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It's been 12 years since Morningstar launched its Fund Analyst Picks. Over the years we've provided data on how those picks have performed. On's Mutual Funds page we show how fund picks in each asset class have done versus the appropriate broad benchmarks. In Morningstar FundInvestor, we report batting averages that show what percent of our choices have outperformed. We also look at how the individual picks in a category have done versus their peer group over time.

Now, we've added a great new tool to that shows all our current picks and tracks their performance all on the same page. On the Mutual Funds cover page, just click  All Analyst Picks. The page updates daily so you can see how things change. This Premium Membership feature shows you the date that the fund was first made a pick, its cumulative returns since that time, and then how that performance compares with the category average during that period. We express this in percentage terms and graphically. A positive number in the plus/minus category column means the fund is ahead of the game. A green bar on the graphic tells you the fund has had a positive return over that time. A red bar means losses.

If you click More Data above the Relative Category Average column, you'll see each pick's Category and Stewardship Grade. Click here for the methodology on Stewardship Grades. When you use the navigation bar to scroll to the right of the Stewardship Grade, you'll see the growth of $10,000 since the fund was first named a pick. Next, we compare that to the growth of $10,000 for the fund category The earlier columns we showed the difference between the fund and its category in percentage terms. Here, it's in dollar terms. So, for the top fund in the list,  Allianz NFJ Small Value (PNVDX), we see that since the fund was picked in August 2008, a $10,000 investment would have grown to $12,159 and that is $188 better than the category average.

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