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Maisonneuve: Look to the Chinese Consumer

Travel, food, and technology names look attractive as China's domestic consumer market grows, says Schroders' Virginie Maisonneuve, a subadvisor for Vanguard International Growth.

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Courtney Dobrow: Going back to the Eurozone, how are you thinking, obviously, when you say Eurozone there is a lot of countries like Germany that's stronger with some other weaker countries, and how in terms of portfolio positioning is that playing out?

Virginie Maisonneuve: Absolutely. Europe absolutely is many different parts, like the U.S. would be or like China would be; it's really not uniform. We're still very cautious about Southern Europe. Greece, we have nothing in Greece, we have nothing in Italy, we have nothing in Portugal, we have nothing in Spain. I'm still very cautious, because I think that the level of debt in some of those countries is such that we'll probably need to see further restructuring.

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