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Gensler: Tech Today as Cheap as I've Ever Known

...but that alone is not a reason to invest, says the T. Rowe Price Global Stock manager. Instead, production evolution is key.

Gensler: Tech Today as Cheap as I've Ever Known
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John Coumarionos: Hi. This is John Coumarionos, Senior Mutual Fund Analyst at Morningstar, and I am here at the Morningstar conference and delighted to have Rob Gensler with us, he is the Manager of the T. Rowe Price Global Stock fund.

First thing I wanted to ask about, Rob, is you came to the fund, of course, after a successful stint on the T. Rowe Price Media & Communications Fund and it seems like you brought some of your expertise in the sectors you were studying and analyzing and investing in, in that fund to this fund, and you have a fair amount of technology exposure. Namely, Google, Apple, Juniper, Amazon and Qualcomm are among your top holdings. Talk about the technology sector broadly. Tell us how you are valuing these companies, how difficult it is sometimes to do that with tech companies?

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