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How First Eagle Plays Japan

First Eagle's Abhay Deshpande says Japan is a market of stocks, not a stock market, with some picks that can greatly outperform the market as a whole.

How First Eagle Plays Japan
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John Coumarianos: Your portfolios, the foreign ones, the global and the overseas funds have a significant amount of Japanese exposure, certainly more than your peers. And Japan has had rough economic times arguably for a couple of decades. Now, tell us what you see in some of the firms you own in Japan and why you have such a significant exposure to those firms?

Abhay Deshpande: Well, Japan, it's a cliché. But Japan is a market of stocks, not a stock market. And to illustrate that, where we have some of our larger holdings such as Shimano, we bought in 1993-1994, we've actually made money on that first purchase over the last 17-18 years, even though the stock market itself is down by maybe 40% or 50% since then, the Japanese market.

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