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Gundlach: Inflation Not on Our Doorstep

DoubleLine CEO, CIO, and portfolio manager Jeffrey Gundlach says deflationary forces of excessive debt remain the most important factor in the market today.

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Jason Stipp: Jeffrey another area, that we spoke about in a recent interview with you, was your take on inflation and deflation, as well as the dollar. And you had mentioned at the time, when there was so much pessimism about the dollar, that you actually saw the underpinnings of a rally in the dollar. Now, we've certainly seen some safety buying of the dollar recently. How is your thesis about inflation, deflation, and the dollar playing out since that last conversation that we had?

Jeffrey Gundlach: Well, right, I'm glad you remember that. It was an awfully lonely voice, mine was, back there talking about a big dollar rally. And I didn't talk about a small one. I talked about what I termed a "monster dollar rally" coming on the horizon. And, lookie here, we're in the middle of a monster dollar rally, thanks to the immense weakness in the European currency.

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