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How Does Your Spending Stack Up?

Five questions with managing editor Janet Paskin. focuses on helping you make good investment decisions. But what about the other side of the ledger--the money you lay out each month to cover your must-haves and your nice-to-haves? Is your spending in line with that of other people of similar means? And what about your spending type? Are you a high roller? A swank senior?, a new website, helps you answer those questions, and many more that you might have about the topics of getting and spending. (Full disclosure: Morningstar recently made an investment in To home in on all that you can do on, I recently caught up with's managing editor, Janet Paskin.

Christine Benz: I'll confess to a voyeuristic thrill being able to see how others in my community are spending their money. ($933 on dining out in a month! I gotta get out more.) But what else can I do on Bundle?

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