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Build a Needs-Based Retirement Portfolio

How to do-it-yourself and get a custom fit.

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My new book,30-Minute Money Solutions,provides step-by-step guidance on completing 36 separate financial-planning tasks, each in a half hour or less. The book is designed to help investors who are newer in their investing careers, but it also tackles topics that are important for retirees and pre-retirees. The following, on how to build a retirement portfolio driven by your income needs, is an excerpt from the book.

The e-mails poured in throughout 2008 and continued into 2009. During the economic crisis and the worst bear market since the Great Depression, retirees were seeking hand-holding and guidance about what to do next.

There was Oscar, who was concerned about what would happen if his pension--which he had counted on for income during retirement--failed. How could he check up on the health of his pension, and would his retirement savings cover the shortfall in his income if his pension plan did run into problems?

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