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A Buffett-Graham-Plus Approach

Morningstar 2008 Manager of the Year Charlie Dreifus on margins of safety, moats, and his Abe Briloff way with balance sheets.


John Coumarianos: Hi, this is John Coumarianos, senior mutual-fund analyst at Morningstar, and I'm happy to be coming to you today from the offices of The Royce Funds in New York City. And I'm thrilled to have Charlie Dreifus with us, who manages the Royce Special Equity Fund.

Charlie is, of course, our Manager of the Year for 2008. We were thrilled to give him that award, not just for his great performance in a difficult market, but also for his entire tenure on the fund, which is about 11 years now, and Charlie has returned about 150%, cumulatively, for his investors. Charlie, thank you so much for joining us today.

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