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Can Small Caps Continue Their Run?

Morningstar 2008 Manager of the Year Charlie Dreifus says it will probably be more difficult to find reasonably priced small-cap organic growers in the years ahead.

Can Small Caps Continue Their Run?

John Coumarianos: Charlie, I wanted to ask you one more question about the markets in general, something we talked about earlier this morning in our meetings.

I know you're a bottoms-up, fundamental-oriented stock-picker, and you don't base most of your decisions on a macroeconomic outlook. But one can't help but notice, when one looks at the markets for the past decade, that although the S&P 500 has declined, cumulatively, 10%, from the beginning of 2000 through a couple of days ago, the Russell 2000 Index has actually gone up 40%, and the Russell 2000 Value Index has gone up over 120%, I think, over that period of time.

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