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Who Tops the Fund Company Performance Rankings?

PIMCO and MFS break from the pack.

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We're catching our breath after a great rally following a horrific sell-off. Who's ahead of the game when you add those years up? Looking at how fund companies did as a whole is a great way to see which firms' research efforts have advanced and which haven't.

Fund companies with strong performance in an asset class provide fertile hunting grounds for new investment ideas. Meanwhile, if you invest with a firm that posted very weak returns, you should worry about the support that your fund is getting.

How We Ran the Data
We looked at relative performance rankings (how a fund did versus its category peer group) over the past three years at funds offered by the 25 largest fund companies. Then we averaged those rankings by asset class and overall. We weighted the average based on assets so that larger funds counted for more. Then we compared that figure with the previous three-year period to see what the trends were.

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