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Eight Funds That Scream 'Dump Me!'

These funds don't work on Labor Day--or any other day.

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So, you're back from your summer vacation and it's time to do some portfolio maintenance that you put off. May I suggest you begin by pruning some weeds? Get rid of some weak players and you'll probably book some tax losses and have new money to put to work in good core funds. (Try our  Fund Analyst Picks list if you need more.)

Here are some funds that just have bad fundamentals. I'm not saying I don't like their asset class or they're sure to have a bad fourth quarter, just that these are bad bets over time. They suffer from some combination of crummy management, high expenses, poor strategies, and other signs that you can do a whole lot better. OK, now let's thin that herd!

Calvert Social Investment Enhanced Equity (CMIFX) won't blow up your portfolio, but you are sacrificing quite a lot. The fund aims for indexlike performance but wants to add value on the margins through issue selection. If it did, that would be one thing, but it has instead consistently subtracted value.

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