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Strandberg: Global Values from the Bottom Up

Diana Strandberg, a manager with Dodge & Cox International and Dodge & Cox Global, discusses how the funds' bottom-up search for value has shaped their portfolios.

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Dan Culloton: As a manager of a global fund and being able to really pick stocks from all over the world, do you find yourself finding more opportunities in one area of the world than the other? How are domestic values looking compared to international values right now?

Diana Strandberg: I think it's fair to say that valuations around the world are very attractive in relation to history and in relation to future prospects. We think less about regions of the world, and we think more about individual companies. And an example would be if we take the growth in China for example. While there may be some debate as to whether it's 8% or 11% or 6%, I think it's fair to say that many agree that China is likely to have very attractive growth prospects for the foreseeable future as its economy develops. One can take advantage of that by investing in Chinese companies and one can also take advantage of that growth by investing in companies throughout the world that have very strong franchises and end markets in China.

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