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Seven Buffett-Inspired Funds We Believe In

These funds closely follow the Oracle of Omaha's tenets.

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Considering his tremendous record, it's surprising more fund managers haven't patterned themselves after Warren Buffett. Then again, some fund firms seem more concerned with gathering near-term assets than delivering superior returns to shareholders over the long haul. Not so at the funds below. They don't mimic Buffett's moves, since he now mostly buys control of entire companies and does special financing deals. But they're true to his investment principles and share his long-term commitment to shareholders.

 Sequoia (SEQUX)
This is the granddaddy of all Buffett-inspired funds. Bill Ruane and Richard Cunniff started Sequoia in 1970, mostly as a vehicle to absorb investors sent over by Buffett himself, who was folding his investment partnership. Current manager Bob Goldfarb has been on board for 35 years and has run the fund since 1998. Sequoia has been a bastion of consistency in an industry plagued by flavor-of-the-month fund launches. It has never wavered from the Graham-inspired underpinnings it shares with Buffett. The fund reopened in early 2008 after being closed for 26 years. Sequoia still has the right stuff.

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