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Ultimate Stock-Pickers Returns to Morningstar

We're looking to turn over more stones--and provide more analysis--on the holdings and actions of investing greats.

By Greggory Warren, CFA | Stock Analyst

Ultimate Stock-Pickers is a concept we started developing at Morningstar a few years ago. The basic rationale behind the strategy is fairly simple: to cross-check our stock research against the opinions of professional money managers (which we garner through the holdings, purchases, sales, and commentary derived from their investment portfolios).

As you probably already know, the stock analysts at Morningstar spend the majority of their time hunting for quality companies that are trading at attractive valuations. We would, however, be remiss if we failed to acknowledge that a whole host of individuals outside of Morningstar are actively engaged in the very same effort. By tapping into the fruits of their labor, we believe that we can both confirm some of our own stock calls and also potentially uncover investment ideas that might have not been readily apparent.