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Power Up Your Portfolio with This Electric Utility

Wide geographic diversification and solid yield provide this firm with a defensive position.


The following alert was sent out Feb. 27 notifying subscribers to Morningstar's InternationalInvestor newsletter that I had just bought shares of  E.ON (EONGY) for the newsletter's real-money Passport Portfolio. This is just one example of the investment opportunities overseas. For more international picks, try a subscription to InternationalInvestor.

I am excited to announce I bought 160 shares of E.ON in the Passport Portfolio today at a price of $26.0625 per share including commission.

E.ON is one of the largest electric utilities in Europe by revenue and has the greatest geographic diversification. Currently it has generation, transmission, distribution, and exploration and production assets, though regulators are requiring the firm to sell its electric transmission assets and some of its German generation power. E.ON is highly diversified across about 30 countries in Europe and the Midwestern United States.

Allan C. Nichols has a position in the following securities mentioned above: EONGY. Find out about Morningstar’s editorial policies.