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Does Carried Interest Affect MLPs?

The new budget may tax carried interest, but we think it's a nonevent for MLPs.

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We're concerned by a line item in President Obama's budget that promises to reignite the carried interest debate. Carried interest arises in a private-equity or hedge fund context, when managers are compensated with a share of the profits of the fund, called carried interest, in addition to straight management fees. In successful funds, carried interest makes up the overwhelming majority of a manager's compensation, but frequently this component is taxed at the 15% capital gains rate, understandably provoking public ire.

Obama's budget includes a proposal to tax carried interest as ordinary income, which for wealthy fund managers would be at much higher rates--up to 39.6% for top earners under Obama's plan. The budget contemplates that this tax code change will generate nearly $24 billion in incremental tax revenues during the next decade. So far, so good. 

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