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Are Vanguard's Target Retirement Funds on Target?

A chat with one of the architects of Vanguard's Target Retirement Funds.


Target-retirement funds have been in investors' cross hairs recently.

Many of the funds that have been designed to be all-in-one funds for investors with no appetite or aptitude for building and monitoring retirement portfolios have suffered staggering losses in the bear market. Some target-date funds, so called because their allocations to stocks, bonds, and other asset classes get more conservative as they approach a predetermined year, have shed as much as half of their values in the past year.

This wasn't what many target-date investors expected. They were told these were one-decision funds that would ferry their nest eggs through the financial markets' shoals to the shores of retirement and beyond. Many target-date funds have left investors, including some in or near their golden years, underwater and wondering what happened.

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