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The 5 Most Important Fund Pages in Our Premium Service

These pages hold the keys to the mutual fund kingdom.

Whether you've just joined or have belonged for years, there may be a thing or two you don't know about Morningstar's Premium content. We've got a lot of cool tools and analysis, but today I want to share the five most important pages in the Premium Membership service for mutual fund investors. (We've got tons of other great stuff on stocks, options, and even hedge funds, but I'll leave that for another day.)

If you're not a Premium Member yet, you can still access all of these pages by simply taking a free, 14-day Premium Membership trial.

1.  Analyst Research. This goes right to the heart and soul of our work. This is the page where the analyst breaks down all the key points on a fund. Our analysts visit fund companies, interview managers, and analyze all the relevant data to give you our take on whether a fund is a keeper or a reject. We delve into strategy, manager background, performance, and more to help you understand the fund and make good use of it.

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