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These Fund Statistics Will Shock You!

Fun facts on fund launches, returns, manager ownership, and more.

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Now that I have your attention, here's another installment in our periodic lists of thought-provoking fund statistics. (Thanks to Morningstar's fund analysts, who provided many of the ideas here.)

The number of diversified domestic-equity funds with more than a fourth of their assets in overseas stocks. That's not a huge number relative to the domestic-equity universe, but the fact that the group includes widely held names like  American Funds Fundamental Investors (ANCFX),  American Funds New Economy (ANEFX),  Fidelity Low-Priced Stock (FLPSX), and  Hartford Capital Appreciation (ITHAX) provides a healthy reminder to check up on your portfolio's current international stake before adding an additional international fund at this juncture. (Morningstar's Instant X-Ray tool can help you see your portfolio's overall exposure to foreign stocks.)

3.77% and 3.62%
The yields on  Vanguard Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt (VWITX) and  Vanguard Intermediate-Term U.S. Treasury (VFITX), respectively. Why buy the Treasury fund and pay taxes on the 3.62% when the 3.77% yield is tax-free? Once taxes are factored in, the yield on Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt jumps to 5.24% for investors in the 28% bracket. (The Tax-Equivalent Yield function on Morningstar's Bond Calculator makes it easy to determine whether the muni or taxable fund is the better bet for you.)

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