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Two Mutual Funds to Buy and Two to Dump

Here are the latest additions to our Picks and Pans.

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As you may have noticed from the slowdown in manager changes and other fund-related news, the fund industry is more or less on vacation for August. However, here at Morningstar we're still plugging away.

In fact, we've added two new Fund Analyst Picks and two new Pans fairly recently.

For those not familiar with our picks and pans, we have a list of our favorite and least favorite funds. Our picks are driven by long-term fundamentals--we're not trying to pick the hot fund for the next month but instead we're identifying great funds that have the potential for outstanding risk-adjusted performance. That's why we focus on the key drivers of long-term success: management, strategy, costs, stewardship, and long-term performance. (In fact, we highlight how our picks rate on those very factors in each month's Morningstar FundInvestor.) Our pans, meanwhile, are the inverse of that process. We look for funds with huge handicaps in terms of strategy, quality of management, and costs.

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