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Watch Lists by Sector

Track great companies in each Morningstar sector.

If you've used Morningstar's Portfolio X-Ray or Quicktake Reports, you know that we break portfolios down into 10 economic sectors. That allows us to answer questions like: Is this fund manager overweighting technology stocks? Is your portfolio tilted toward industrial cyclical stocks? Or, does your portfolio lack exposure to a major economic sector like health or technology?

For those of you who need to plug holes in a portfolio, we've created some lists of stocks in each sector that are worth tracking in Portfolio Manager. Below, you'll see watch lists of stocks in each sector that meet two criteria: 1) we assign star ratings to them, and 2) we like the companies. Many of these companies boast strong competitive positions--or economic moats--that put them a notch above the competition. In fact, many are good enough to make the "Bellwether 50" that appears in Morningstar StockInvestor.

Right now, many of these stocks receive low star ratings, but owing to the strength of the companies, they're the kind of stocks we'd love to buy at the right price. That makes them perfect candidates for watch lists.