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Weekly Wrap: The Latest Dividend Picks, Concerns About Rising Yields, and News on Target-Date Funds

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.


Editor's Picks

Revenge of the Value-Tilted Robo-Advisors
Value investing is finally having its day in the sun, but its long period in the shadows should give robo-advisors' investors pause.

5 Undervalued Dividend-Growth Stocks
These dividend-paying companies have competitive advantages and a history of raising their dividends—and their stocks are cheap today.

2022′s Top Sustainable Funds Weather a Tough Market
Some ESG outperformers got a boost from a usually nonsustainable sector: energy.

Underspending in Retirement: A Sign of Fulfillment or Fear?
How to turn a ‘What if?’ into a ‘So what?’

What Rising Yields Mean for Your Retirement
What's happening and what can you do?

Don’t Believe What You Read About Target-Date Funds
The latest missive from Bank of America is no exception.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz

It's Time for Tax-Loss Selling
Harvesting losing positions from your taxable account can lower your tax bill and improve your portfolio.

7 Steps to Estimating Your In-Retirement Cash Flow Needs
Rules of thumb may be too high for affluent retirees with high savings rates, but healthcare costs are a major swing factor.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds

3 Great Growth Funds
Growth stocks look cheaper today than they have in a long time—and these funds are excellent choices for investors who want to take advantage.

3 of the Best Value-Stock ETFs
Value stocks are outperforming this year. These ETFs provide exposure at a low cost.

Multi-Asset Income Funds: Is the Extra Income Worth the Extra Risk?
A deep dive into this group.

Why Fidelity 500 Index is a Top Choice for Investors
This low-cost portfolio of large-company stocks makes an excellent core holding.

Chasing Thematic ETFs' Returns Has Set Investors Up to Fail
By the time you find out about a trend, it's often too late.

3 Excellent Dividend Stock ETFs
These ETFs all provide low-cost exposure to dividend-paying stocks.


Our Ultimate Stock-Pickers' Top 10 Buys and Sells
Funds see value in a diverse range of sectors.

6 High-Quality, Undervalued Semiconductor Stocks
Taiwan Semiconductor, Nvidia, and other chipmakers have been hit by supply-chain woes, but their stocks are at their cheapest in many years.

Solar Stocks Rally on Biden Tariff Suspension
Shoals Technologies leads the gains, but First Solar misses out on the rally.

Solar Growth Plans on Track for Utilities
A pause on potential solar tariffs keeps the outlook bright.

Amazon Stock vs. Walmart Stock: Which Is the Better Buy Now?
Both companies are giants among consumers, but only one of the stocks is undervalued today.

8 Undervalued Electric Vehicle Stocks
Don’t bother with Tesla—BorgWarner, Sensata, and other companies throughout the EV supply chain are trading at discounts and looking good for the planet.

Rekenthaler Report

Vanguard Case Study: Active vs. Passive Investing
What if Vanguard shareholders had invested actively, rather than with the company’s Growth and Value Index funds?

Advisor Insights

Tax-Timing Your Retirement
The effect of postponing RMDs and how to eventually start taking money out of your retirement plan.

The Long View Podcast

Tom Idzorek: Exploring the Role of Human and Financial Capital in Retirement Planning
The prominent researcher shares his thoughts on retirement managed accounts, what makes ESG tick, the ‘popularity’ concept, and more.

Sustainability Matters

Stellantis Stock Is Undervalued, Even as It Catches Up in the Electric Vehicle Market
The company is planning an aggressive EV push, including for its popular Ram trucks.


Would You Sacrifice 'Evil Stock' Returns for the Sake of Sustainability?
Cliff Asness, hedge fund manager and the co-founder of AQR Capital Management, talks about ESG investing and today's private equity market.

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