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Weekly Wrap: Tax Guide, Funds for an IRA, and Super Bubbles

And our take on the latest inflation numbers.

Inflation, Super Bubbles, and Putting Market Volatility Into Perspective

January’s number is in: Inflation has risen 7.5% over the past year. As a result of this larger-than-expected number (the highest in 40 years), market watchers expect the Federal Reserve to be more aggressive with interest-rate hikes this year. Morningstar chief economist Preston Caldwell expects some inflation relief by midyear as supply constraints loosen. Read more of his insights in "7 Charts on the Big CPI Rise, Fed Rate Hike Outlook."

What might that mean for markets this year?

This week’s guest on The Long View podcast, GMO’s Jeremy Grantham, talked about why he thinks the U.S. market is in what he calls a "super bubble" that spans stocks, bonds, real estate, and even commodities. "You're playing with fire if you combine the lowest interest rates and the highest bond prices in history with the highest stock market in history and the highest multiple of family income in housing," he said. GMO’s co-founder knows a thing or two about market bubbles: He correctly predicted two recent bubbles this century.

Also this week, Morningstar portfolio strategist Amy Arnott compared current market volatility against historical norms in "Putting Recent Market Volatility in Perspective." After examining the numbers, she concluded that the market’s current volatility level isn’t too far outside of its historical range: "Based on past history, periodic market downturns are entirely normal and to be expected. Over longer time periods, the market tends to be self-correcting; certain areas may get frothy and reach bubble status, and overall market valuations may overshoot the mark, but periodic downturns are a way of correcting for the excess."

Of course, only time will tell whether the market has achieved bubble status, super or otherwise. But given stubborn inflation and the uncertainty around interest rates, one thing is pretty likely: It’s going to be a volatile year. 

Promising Dividend-Growth Stocks

Dividend-growth stocks--those that have a history of increasing their payouts over time--have plenty going for them. For starters, the management teams at these companies are focused on delivering a growing cash stream to their shareholders--a shareholder-friendly mindset. Moreover, firms that consistently ratchet up their dividends are usually profitable and financially healthy, a plus in any market climate. 

In my Our Picks column this week, I shared seven undervalued and heavily weighted stocks in the Morningstar Dividend Growth Index. Dividend-stock fans should also take a look at my colleague Lauren Solberg’s dive into "Why Energy Stocks Are Gushing High Dividends." Solberg observes, "The energy sector’s dividends are growing faster than any other part of the U.S. equity market". To find out why, read her article.

Funds for an IRA

If you want to find a procrastinator, look no further than the typical IRA investor. According to many IRA providers, investors often wait to contribute to IRAs until the mid-April deadline. On top of that, some leave those contributions sitting in cashlike accounts, thinking that they’ll move the money into an appropriate investment "someday."

Talk about leaving money on the table! "Ideally, if you can fund your IRAs as early as you possibly can and get that money invested, that gives the money more time to compound," reminds Morningstar’s director of personal finance and retirement planning, Christine Benz. "And it's especially important for younger investors because, over time, the combination of either not making the contribution or not actually getting the money invested in something can drag on the portfolio's long-term returns."

Not sure what to invest your IRA dollars in? Morningstar’s director of fund research Russ Kinnel shared some ideas in "3 Funds for an IRA"; Morningstar director of global ETF research Ben Johnson countered with "3 ETFs for an IRA." Not to be outdone, Benz suggested what types of investments you should keep out of a taxable account--which means that these are exactly the types of investments to tuck into a tax-friendly IRA wrapper.

And speaking of wrappers, we’ve wrapped up our latest tax-related content in our annual Tax & IRA Guide.

Stock of the Week: Disney (DIS)

Disney reported blowout numbers for the quarter, with notably strong subscriber growth numbers for Disney+ and improving revenues in its parks business. "The ongoing pandemic and coronavirus variants continue to create uncertainty for the near term, but the continued growth in bookings and per capita spending offer reassuring signs for a return to long-term growth," said Morningstar senior analyst Neil Macker. He reiterated our wide Morningstar Economic Moat Rating and $170 fair value estimate.

--Susan Dziubinski

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