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Special Report

Morningstar's 2022 Tax and IRA Guide

Strategies and investment ideas for lessening the tax bite.

Investors can't control the market. They can't control the direction of interest rates or global growth. They can't even control what their fund managers buy and sell--or when they do it.

Instead of fretting about what they can't influence, successful long-term investors control what they can. They keep their investment costs low. They set goals, match their investment allocations to those goals, and remain faithful to their plans. And they consider the toll that taxes can take on their wealth and try to maximize their aftertax kitty.

Morningstar's 2022 Tax and IRA Guide offers ideas for how to be a more tax-savvy investor.

Tax Time Nuts and Bolts

What You Can Learn From Your 1099 Forms 
These forms can yield valuable intelligence about your portfolio's asset location and tax efficiency.

4 Strategies for an Organized Tax Season
Has tax season become a frustrating paper chase? These tactics can buy you some relief.

Your 2022 Tax Fact Sheet and Calendar
Bookmark this guide to stay abreast of the tax-related dates and data that should be on your radar this year.

2022 Tax Traps to Avoid
Take care--because often there are no takesies backsies.

IRA Strategies and Ideas

Is the Backdoor Roth Still Legit?
Although the future of the backdoor Roth is still up in the air, high-income heavy savers can still take advantage of the maneuver.

Backdoor Roth IRA? Avoid These 5 Mistakes
These errors can jack up tax--and opportunity--costs.

20 IRA Mistakes to Avoid
From contributions to conversions to distributions, don't fall into these traps.

3 Funds for an IRA
What is suitable now?

3 ETFs for an IRA
Income-producing ETFs are great choices for tax-deferred accounts.

3 Target-Date Funds for an IRA in 2022
Here's why target date funds can be excellent choices for an IRA.

Don't Wait Until Tax Day to Fund Your IRA
Wind up your 2021 tax year before April 18.

How to Get The Most Out of Your IRA Contributions
Tips for selecting the right account type, using new contributions to adjust your portfolio's allocations.

Should You Keep Foreign Stocks Out of Your IRA?
Tax considerations suggest yes, but other factors may argue against it.