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Sustainability Matters

An ESG Trailblazer Talks About Making Investing Moral, Greenwashing, and Sustainability Trends

An interview with Amy Domini, founder and chair of Domini Impact Investments.

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The founder of Domini Impact Investments, Amy Domini is a widely recognized trailblazer of sustainable investing (which she still calls by its older name, “socially responsible investing"), who has lent her name to a prominent sustainable equity index (she is the “D” in the MSCI KLD 400 Social Index). Domini, 71, recently published “Thoughts on People, Planet and Profit,” a collection of closely observed essays about her career and the world of sustainable investing. Domini is descended from a family of Italian immigrants. Her father was a serial entrepreneur, and her grandfather taught Domini to distinguish between stocks and bonds and how to read an annual report. Morningstar checked in with Domini about her outlook for sustainable investing for 2022. Read the following edited excerpts for more.

Q: In your new book, you say that investing is innately immoral. Why?

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