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Weekly Wrap: What You Should Know About Tesla, Long-Term Care Plans, and the Economy

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor's note: Read the latest on how the coronavirus is rattling the markets and what investors can do to navigate it.

Editor's Picks

Should I Buy Tesla Stock Now?
We take a fresh look at Tesla with updated projections for electric vehicle adoption and higher profitability.

Why Fund Returns Are Lower Than You Might Think
Our most recent study of investor returns reveals a persistent gap between reported total returns and what investors actually earn.

3 Great Funds Having a Lousy Year
We still have faith in these Gold-rated funds, despite some of their recent struggles.

13 Undervalued Wide-Moat Companies With Exceptional Leadership
These wide-moat firms all earn Exemplary capital allocation ratings and trade in the 4- and 5-star range.

Crafting a Plan for Long-Term Care
Tackling this topic is tricky for your September to-do list but necessary.

How Close Is the U.S. Economy to Normal?
It's close, but some industries are still recovering.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz

An Estate-Planning Checklist
'Estate planning' evokes complexity and high costs. What you need to know to get it done.

How Stretch IRA Tactics Have Tightened
Tax expert Ed Slott discusses the new rule for inherited IRAs.

The Language of Long-Term Care
Navigating the care maze can be overwhelming; understanding the lingo can help.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds

Top Fund Managers Largely Avoided the Market’s Biggest Winners
Outside of vaccine-makers, few owned the fastest risers since the start of 2020.

Consider Your Active Risk With Strategic-Beta Funds
These funds bet against the broad market with varying degrees of conviction.

Manager Changes Diminish These Funds
Prominent losses rattle these strategies.

What Shorting ETFs Means for Long-Term Investors
The market took a bearish view on ARK Innovation ETF in August.

ETF Investors Stuck to the Script in August
Plain-vanilla, broadly diversified index funds continued to attract healthy flows last month.


Berkshire Hathaway Valuation Gets a Boost
Strong investment performance and operating results leave the conglomerate well positioned.

6 Retail Stocks on Sale
Retailers posted solid numbers this earnings season, but we think their stocks are, in general, overbought--with some exceptions.

Stock Analyst Updates

Tesla Enters the Texas Retail Energy Market
What does this mean for NRG and Vistra?

Tesla Moves Into Texas Retail Energy Business
We think the strategy to become a retail energy provider makes sense and maintain our fair value estimate.

Uber Sells Stake in Joint Ventures to Yandex
While this transaction will improve Uber's liquidity position, it will not affect our fair value estimate of this narrow-moat stock.

Rekenthaler Report

How to Use Annuities During Retirement
When to consider annuities rather than bonds.

Farewell, Mutual Funds
Eventually, ETFs will be the industry standard.

Advisor Insights

Should Insurance Be a Part of Your Financial Plan?
While you shouldn't pay for insurance you don't need, long-term-care and umbrella policies may make sense for some.

Can the Framing of Retirement Impact How We Prepare for It?
Motivating people to save for retirement doesn't have a 'one size fits all' solution.

The Long View Podcast

Daniel Crosby: 'If You're Excited About It, It's Probably a Bad Idea'
The psychologist and author discusses making big financial decisions in times of emotional extremes, how risk-taking can affect asset allocation, and his thoughts on just-in-time education.


How Income and Savings Affect the Racial Wealth Gap
Our analysis shows further proof that income disparity affects the ability to build wealth over time.

Coaching Confidence and Catering to All Levels of Wealth
Charlotte Geletka helps clients feel secure in their financial decisions.

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