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Morningstar Moments: The Latest Research on Investor Returns, Retirement Savings, and the Wealth Gap

Here are the major market moments our analysts have been talking about on Twitter.

1) The Persistent Gap in Investor Returns

Every year, Morningstar releases a deep dive into investor returns, know as the “Mind the Gap” study. This year’s results showed that timing is everything--cash flow timing, that is. Amy C. Arnott examines the most significant contributors to the shortfall investors suffered and what they can do to improve their returns in the future.  

2) Testing a Timeless Rule of Thumb

Two Amy C. Arnott articles in one Morningstar Moments roundup? It’s our lucky day. In this piece, Amy challenges popular retirement savings estimates. No two investors are exactly the same, so their benchmarks won’t be either.  

3) Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

The racial wealth gap in the United States has persisted for at least half a century. Why does it exist? Can anything be done to close it? Those are among the many questions Morningstar is trying to answer. In the latest analysis, Steve Wendel finds that the best place to start is with income and saving inequality.  

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