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Morningstar Moments: 3 Things You May Have Missed

This week, our analysts touched on infrastructure stocks, low-volatility funds, and rebalancing.

Here are the major market moments our analysts have been talking about.  

1. Build Your Portfolio With These Infrastructure Stock Picks

First things first, Morningstar is piloting a new podcast called Market X-Ray. The second episode features chief U.S. market strategist Dave Sekera, who talks about Biden’s $2 trillion American Jobs Plan. He covers which stocks could benefit from the infrastructure proposal.  

2. The Highs of Low-Volatility Funds

Ben Johnson has an important message for investors: “Low volatility does not mean no volatility, just less.” And yes, that includes low-volatility ETFs. Ben takes a deep dive into their performance during the 2020 market downdraft and how investors can use these investments to manage risk in their portfolios.  

3. Rebalancing 101

Everyone’s favorite Morningstar dynamic duo Christine Benz and Susan Dziubinski are back in the studio. As investors approach retirement, a burning question arises: is it time to rebalance? Christine and Susan tell us when--and how to know--the time is right.