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Speculative Trading Is Like Eating 'Nothing but Twinkies'

Author and financial educator Manisha Thakor discusses recent trading frenzies and the financial well-being of young investors and couples.

This week on Morningstar's The Long View podcast, Manisha Thakor, author and founder of MoneyZen, a financial education consultancy, offered her take on the implications of recent trading frenzies in meme stocks, cryptocurrency, and nonfungible tokens. In Thakor's opinion, over-participating in these trading trends is akin to "feeding your child nothing but Twinkies and Pop-Tarts for five years."

Expanding on this idea, Thakor discussed how social media can warp young people's perceptions of financial well-being, how we might work to address the gender wealth gap, and how couples can cultivate advantageous financial habits.