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How Feasible Is Early Retirement in the Current Market?

The Physician on FIRE blogger Leif Dahleen breaks down his journey to retiring early, highlighting the choices and circumstances that enabled him to do so.

Leif Dahleen, creator of the popular Physician on FIRE blog, joined Morningstar's The Long View podcast to discuss his path to early retirement. Following the "financial independence, retire early" movement, Dahleen retired from his career as an anesthesiologist at age 43. Since then, he has been blogging about his own FIRE journey, sharing his insights with others interested in pursuing a similar course.

Unpacking some of the financial and lifestyle choices that facilitate early retirement, Dahleen discussed generating passive income, the way the market impacts FIRE's feasibility, and navigating taxes during retirement. He also discussed the reasons why--and ways in which--he and his family give back to their community.