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Closing the Gap: Building Black Dollars

Learn about wealth gaps, pay gaps, social justice investing, and more.


Keith Reid-Cleveland: Hello everyone, and thank you for joining us for Closing the Gap: Building Black Dollars. I'm Keith Reid-Cleveland, the moderator for today's discussion. Juneteenth, often known as Freedom Day, recognizes the emancipation of enslaved people of the United States. It's only two days away and likely a few hours from becoming a federal holiday. But today, we're going to focus towards the future. Today, we're going to focus on steps you can take to get on the path towards financial freedom. But first, some quick housekeeping notes before our discussion. 

We encourage everyone viewing this at home to join the chat and ask any questions or give any comments you may have. And if not that, feel free to email us and give us any feedback for the event at during the event as well as afterwards. 

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