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Our New Quant Analysis Helps Fund-Seekers Explore Far and Wide

We've enhanced our Morningstar Quantitative Rating for Funds with a new feature--written reports that offer better insight and context.

Investors have come to rely on the Morningstar Analyst Rating to help them find suitable funds with great prospects. The analyst-written reports that accompany these Morningstar Medalist ratings provide an in-depth discussion of a fund’s risks and potential rewards, strengths, and weaknesses to help investors size up the attractiveness and suitability of an investment.

In 2017, we greatly expanded the number of funds that receive medal ratings by launching the Morningstar Quantitative Rating for Funds. But something was missing. Unlike the ratings assigned by the analyst team, quantitatively rated funds lacked written analysis to help investors better understand the fund's potential risks and rewards, and why the fund receives the rating it does.