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Snowflake Shows Substantial Growth

But it's racking up significant operating losses as it does so.


In the past 10 years, Snowflake (SNOW) has culminated into a force that is far from melting, in our view. As enterprises continue to migrate workloads to the public cloud, significant obstacles have arisen, compromising performance of data queries, creating hefty data transformation costs, and yielding erroneous data. Snowflake seeks to address these issues with its platform, which gives all of its users access to its data lake, warehouse, and marketplace on various public clouds. We think Snowflake has a massive runway for future growth and should emerge as a data powerhouse in the years ahead.

Traditionally, data has been recorded in and accessed via databases. Yet, the rise of the public cloud has resulted in an increasing need to access data from different databases in one place. A data warehouse can do this but still does not meet all public cloud data needs--particularly, in creating artificial intelligence insights. Data lakes solve this problem by storing raw data that is ingested into AI models to create insights. These insights are housed in a data warehouse to be easily queried. Snowflake offers a data lake and warehouse platform, which cuts out significant costs of ownership for enterprises. Even more valuable, in our view, is that Snowflake’s platform is interoperable on numerous public clouds. This allows Snowflake workloads to be performant for its customers without significant effort to convert data lake and warehouse architectures to work on different public clouds.

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