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Women: Is The Economy Becoming More Inclusive?

The data on financial knowledge, job opportunities, and cultural changes in companies paints a different picture from what marketing campaigns show. And the coronavirus is taking us backwards.

Coronavirus risks look set to seriously affect women's economic, financial, and working lives. In recent weeks, I have discovered certain data and events that provide food for thought.

Financial Knowledge
The first is a survey carried out by the Global Thinking Foundation, with the contribution of Powderly (a beauty app and also one of Italy's largest online female communities), among 1,000 Italian women between February and July, which includes the lockdown period. The survey reveals a high level of financial illiteracy that makes women vulnerable, especially in a crisis such as the current one. Although 68% of those questioned state that they have savings, 56% say that they leave them in their current account as they do not know how to invest them. Almost one in two do not know the difference between a stock and a bond and do not even how much it may cost them to keep cash in the bank.