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Special Report

Your Inflation Toolkit

How to think about inflation, your money, and your investments.

Inflation continues to stress pocketbooks—and investors—in 2022. The October CPI number (which is based on a basket of products that include gasoline, food, and healthcare) rose 7.7% from a year ago. While still high, that figure is an improvement over other increases we’ve seen this year.

“It would be premature to celebrate, but [October’s] inflation report provided early signs that the inflation problem may be resolving,” says Morningstar’s chief U.S. economist Preston Caldwell.

In this special report, Morningstar’s experts discuss how to think about inflation today, examine your own personal inflation rate, and safeguard against inflation’s corrosive effect on your investments.

What Is Inflation?

We also explain deflation, disinflation, and stagflation.

Finally, the CPI Report Has Some Good News on Inflation

Fed still seen continuing to raise rates, but at a slower pace and stopping sooner.

Is It Too Late to Inflation-Proof Your Portfolio?

Some inflation hedges make more sense than others today.

Why We Expect Inflation to Fall in 2023

What could longer-term inflation look like? A deeper look at the data suggests less reason for concern.

What to Invest In During High Inflation

These inflation hedges can help protect your portfolio.

What’s Your Real Inflation Rate?

Calculating a personalized inflation rate is a start.

The Real Problem With Inflation

It erodes not only wealth but also trust.

How Much Does High Inflation Really Affect Retirees?

The answer depends on healthcare costs, Social Security benefits, and your own financial circumstances.

How Inflation Affects Your Paycheck

Learn how rising prices are likely impacting how far you can stretch your cash.

When Higher Inflation Meets Your Withdrawal Rate

While few are predicting a 1970s-style inflation spiral, it’s still worth thinking through how inflation could affect your plan.

Whither Long-Term Inflation?

What the current indicators suggest.

Which Inflation Hedges Have Worked?

We found several winners—and a lot more losers.

When Inflation Surfaced, TIPS Flopped

This year’s surprise loser.

How to Talk to Your Clients About Inflation

Those who can ride out the tough times should be rewarded.