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Weekly Wrap: Investment Trends, Election Impacts, and Downturn Patterns

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor's note: Read the latest on how the coronavirus is rattling the markets and what investors can do to navigate it.

Editor's Picks
24 Stocks for 2030
We think these companies are well-positioned to benefit from one of five key trends during the next decade.

Oil Sands Will Survive and Then Thrive
The market does not appreciate their near-term resiliency nor the long-term cash flow potential.

How to Get Rich Slow
Slow and steady wins the financial race.

The 2020 Election & Your Money
Our take on the investment implications of a Biden or Trump win.

Can Bond Funds Grow Large More Gracefully Than Stock Funds?
Russ Kinnel discusses how stock funds and bond funds have handled asset growth over the past decade.

Can You Predict the Next Downturn?
The longer the time period, the stronger the pattern.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz
Retirees: If You Love Income, You Should Love Cash Flow Even More
You diversify your investments; why wouldn’t you diversify how you source your in-retirement living expenses?

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds
In the Absence of Inflation, Some Real Assets Are Down but Certainly Not Out
Real assets are often thought of as an inflation hedge, but their diversification benefits are a plus, too.

More Risk, More Reward for U.S. Equity Funds
U.S. stock funds leading the rebound share a common trait: Morningstar Risk ratings of High.

Good Stories Often Translate Into Bad Investments
Thematic ETFs often come with a good story, but most lag the market.

A Better Way to Look at Investing in Equities for Income
The pros and cons of using dividend-paying stocks as bond replacements.

21 Picks for Inflation Protection
These highly rated mutual funds and ETFs may provide varying degrees of shelter, but buyer beware.

A Silver-Rated ETF for Core Bond Exposure
Broad diversification and low costs make this fund a good option for core fixed-income exposure.

This Small/Mid-Cap Fund Holds Promise
Bronze-rated LKCM Small-Mid Cap Equity features a veteran leader and a strong supporting cast.

Concentration Works Both Ways
Ian Tam analyzes the U.S. and Canadian recoveries and discovers something interesting.

GM Needs to Stay Together
We see more reasons to oppose a battery electric vehicle spin-off than to support one.

Are Nasdaq Stocks Really Overvalued?
The tech-focused index has hit record highs this year before a rough patch in September. How are its biggest companies valued after recent volatility?

Election Impact on U.S. Healthcare Looks Modest
Our moat ratings and undervalued view of the MCO and drug/biotech sectors are intact.

Stock Analyst Updates
Supreme Court Shakeup Adds Complexity for Health Care
Prior to Justice Ginsburg's death, the court looked likely to uphold the Affordable Care Act, but without her vote, the path to upholding the law has become more complicated.

Falling Lithium Prices Provide Buying Opportunity
Following the Tesla battery day event, lithium producer stock prices plunged. We see no change to our outlook for lithium.

Rekenthaler Report
Is Tesla's Stock Price Crazy or Merely Aggressive?
Placing the company’s valuation into historical context.

The Long View Podcast
Michael Reckmeyer and Matthew Hand: How to Protect Downside Amid Lofty Valuations and Paltry Yields
Two Wellington Management portfolio managers discuss how they manage risk at Vanguard Wellesley Income, why they’ve taken a liking to busted growth stocks, and where they’re finding durable sources of income.

Morningstar Investment Conference
Dead Again? Value Managers Say Their Style Is Far From Over
Fidelity's Ramona Persaud, T. Rowe Price's David Wallack, and Diamond Hill's Chuck Bath discuss the state of their investing style at the Morningstar Investment Conference.

A Top Investing Trend for 2030
At the Morningstar Investment Conference, we discussed why we think cannabis stocks are poised to thrive.

Where to Turn When the Political Climate Heats Up
Amy Walter of The Cook Political Report shared her insights at our Morningstar Investment Conference.

What the Election May Mean for Social Security 
The next administration will face key policy questions related to the program's long-term solvency, says contributor Mark Miller.

What's the Most Impactful Thing You Can Do to Combat Climate Change?
Put your money into sustainable investments.

Fiduciary, Best Interest, or Something Else?
In this third installment of our series, we explore how the election will determine the next move in the ongoing battle over the regulation of advice.

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