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Advisor Insights

The Morningstar Investment Conference Goes Digital!

Here's a rundown of the sessions that Sheryl Rowling is most excited about at this year's conference, which will take place on Sept. 16-17.

With the never-ending coronavirus crisis, we're all pretty sick of virtual meetings--or at least I am. But I feel differently about the Morningstar Investment Conference. For me, the big problem with great conferences is being able to attend all the sessions I want when some sessions conflict or are too early! The MIC has always offered excellent content. Now, I can watch in the comfort of anywhere I want to be, either live or on demand. And I can get up to 17 hours of professional education credits, too--great news!

Of course, there's the economic benefit--no travel costs, no hotel bill, and the entire registration fee is only $149. The best part is there's still time to register.